ALBUM REVIEW: Jasmina Maschina – “Alphabet Dream Noise”

Jasmina Maschina Alphabet Dream Noise
Year of the Album — #070
Jasmina Maschina – “Alphabet Dream Noise” (2011, Staubgold)

Despite moments where one might be tempted to write it off as a waste of time, there are glimmers that something truly amazing is buried deep in Alphabet Dream Noise.

This will be an interesting album to go back to a year from now and revisit, seeing if it turns me off quite the same way as it did upon my first listen. There are certainly glimmers of hope that Jasmine Guffond has the ability to create songs which challenge listeners while at the same time providing palatable entertainment, but the moments of disappointment certainly outweighed the few times when I found myself shaking my head and thinking “there’s something I’d want to hear again.” You can read the full review at PopMatters.


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