ARTIST TO WATCH: The Well Wishers

The Well Wishers

Jeff Shelton, formerly of Spinning Jennies fame, pushes power-pop into a new decade with his Well Wishers.

Tonight I submit for your approval three of the best power-pop songs to come out so far this year. Jeff Shelton, formerly of the Bay Area pop act  Spinning Jennies, is working with a loyal collective of like-minded contemporaries, he brings nearly two decades and ten albums of personal music experience into the mix, proving that he knows sunny pop music like few others still recording today. These three songs are up on Soundcloud as works in progress, part of an upcoming album due out in early 2012. All three are prime examples of what sets this guy apart from the rest of the pack, and why this is already my most anticipated indie album of the coming year so far. Give ’em a listen, I dare you not to fall under the spell these well-wishers are spinning.

FOR MORE INFORMATION — Find the band on Facebook, or check out more music on MySpace.


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