Five classic Beavis and Butthead vids which make me glad for their comeback

Beavis and Butthead

Headbanger's ball ... the ultimate 90s slacker duo returns to save MTV

MTV hopes to prove tonight that you can indeed go back again, though many who weren’t part of my teenage years would wonder why they’d want to. I submit these videos for their uncool approval … I can’t wait to see the acerbic duo go to town on the “reality” crap which has taken over television.

– – – – –

#1 — Beavis and Butthead’s take on “Gin and Juice”

Butthead: Beavis, shut up! You’ve never been to Compton, you’re never going to go to Compton, you’re going to be here for the rest of your life, you’re stupid, you don’t have any money and you’re never going to score!

#2 — Beavis and Butthead “Crucify” Tori Amos

Butthead: She’s gonna spit on someone?
Beavis: Yeah! Go for it!
Butthead: That would be pretty cool …

: How many videos are they going to make with chicks in a bathtub?
Beavis: At least if they showed them naked it’d be cool.
Butthead: Yeah, how come they never have chicks in a shower?

#3 — Beavis and Butthead vs. R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People”

Butthead: Happiness …
Beavis: Heh! He said Penis!

#4 — Beavis and Butthead “Pay No Mind” to Beck

Beavis: Whoah! What’s that noise?
Butthead: It’s Satan, dumbass!

#5 — Beavis and Butthead watch NIN’s “Wish”

Beavis: This is like that movie, Beyond Superdome!
: Yeah, that was cool … how come all these videos have cages in them?
Beavis: Because they’re cool!
Butthead: This is like a zoo where they keep cool people …


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