Peter Gabriel – “Wallflower”

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel

This may be one of the greatest Peter Gabriel songs to dig its way into my head. It’s off his 1982 album Peter Gabriel (titled by Geffen, against his will, Security), but it appears he’s reworking it for his upcoming follow-up to the companion to Scratch Your Back, to be titled and I’ll Scratch Yours … no release date known yet, unfortunately. The lyrics are a wrenching portrayal of the mistreatment of the mentally ill merged with the mistreatment of political prisoners, and it opened many Americans’ eyes to Apartheid. Whether you haven’t heard it before, or if you’re hearing it again for the first time in years, “Wallflower” will leave you breathless.

EDIT:  Several people have visited this page over the last couple weeks and they’ve found a dead video, thanks to EMI. Here’s a 2010 live version recorded by Peter Gabriel which is still live on YouTube. The song is way to good not to be able to hear it.


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