FEATURED SONG: Adding Machine – “As The Radars Sleep”

Hazel Mills

Hazel Mills is keeping busy with her new band Adding Machine

Hazel Mills, whose EP White Rabbit brought 60s psychedelia into the modern era like Grace Slick reborn, is back to work with a new blog and a new band, Adding Machine! The band’s first digital release is a reworking of Revere’s “As The Radars Sleep” for that band’s newest remix EP Revere Reworked #3. Described as “early Cocteau guitar shrieks, throbbing post-punk bass and Silver Apples-inspired rhythms … bridging the gap between hauntingly danceable and abrasively mesmerizing,” the song stands out as a stunning effort in modern avant-pop experimentation and deserves to be heard by like-minded music adventurers. Those of you who appreciate the work of Florence + The Machine will definitely enjoy what Adding Machine offers with this one. I, for one, can’t wait to hear them tackle original material.

Hear the song below (the SoundCloud version IS downloadable!):

And here’s the video for “Freestanders” off White Rabbit:


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