FEATURED SONG: Only Son – “You Stayed At Home”

Only Son

Jack Dishel, of Only Son

Those of you who have been long-time readers of Hear! Hear! know I’m a huge fan of Only Son, the solo front for Jack Dishel, formerly of Mouldy Peaches fame. His album Searchlight, which came out back in January, remains among my picks for the top albums of 2011, but he’s still bubbling under the radar. Below you can read previous articles from this site regarding the album and its various video singles, but you may also behold his latest video, this time for “You Stayed At Home,” one of the album’s least assuming tracks. It’s a beautiful melody-based acoustic track featuring the lyrics / vocals up front in a way which makes one wonder how huge a hit this could have been in the 60s if covered by a duo like Simon and Garfunkel. That’s Searchlight in a nutshell; this is an album which covers so many genres and moments in time it becomes all but timeless itself. Too bad so few people have had the chance to fall under its spell.

But it’s never too late …

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2 thoughts on “FEATURED SONG: Only Son – “You Stayed At Home”

  1. Fantastic. First song I’ve decided to hear on the blog, and it captured me immediately. Never heard the guy before. I’m a new blogger and your site has been giving me some good ideas!

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