ARTIST TO WATCH: Toby Goodshank

Toby Goodshank

Toby Goodshank

Lest I be accused of ignoring the other great music coming from past members of the Moldy Peaches, behold the wonder that is former Peaches guitarist Toby Goodshank! His latest video for “Truth Jump Fall,” the lead single from his latest EP Truth Jump Fall, is really something you need to hear to fully fathom, but let me try to put it in words. Imagine an intro which is straight out of 60’s era Moody Blues, then add Beck to the mix, shake — don’t stir! — and enjoy, repeating as needed. “We got the generator bill in the mail today — that’s when my father freaked out,” Goodshank sings. “We are the powerless ones, indivisible by the principles passed down through apostles now, churning with the wisdom once imparted by a mutated man brought about by the union of man who are tightened at the seams in a fiber-optic dream that connected all the swingers in town.” Break out your Becktionary … I mean, your Goodshanklopedia and dive in — the water’s fine!


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