FEATURED SONG: Alexz Johnson – “Skipping Stone”

Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson’s voice is one you won’t want to ignore

Her EP Skipping Stone doesn’t come out until January, but I can’t urge you enough to check out the title track via the SoundCloud link above, because Canadian singer, songwriter and actress Alexz Johnson has a voice which is certain to resonate once you let this song in. She’s still comfortably beneath the radar, but that allows the music to soar without being bogged down by major-label expectations. “My heart’s beating better alone … this heart’s not a skipping stone!” she wails as the song builds to a singable, memorable crescendo, and though there’s a pop sheen to the arrangement which all but assures radio support in an intelligently run world, it isn’t allowed to outshine the song itself, which is refreshingly aimed upward toward the Adele / Florence and the Machine crowd rather than pandering to the lowest common denominator. This could be a 2012 sleeper hit, and pop radio would be all the better for it.


7 thoughts on “FEATURED SONG: Alexz Johnson – “Skipping Stone”

  1. She’s gonna be the next big top 40 star without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or even a huge indie act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great voice! been following her for 6+ years now

  2. I’ve been hooked since i first heard her voice in 2004. Although Alexz deserves all the recognition in the world, to me, I’ll continue to follow her music regardless of the success it may or may not achieve. Alexz Johnson puts out only the most soulful and moving music.

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