FEATURED SONG: Jon Hainstock – “You Alone”

Jon Hainstock

Jon Hainstock's new song shows he's truly finding his voice.

I’ve been following Jon Hainstock since we were both enrolled at Ball State University back in ’06, and he’s continued to astound me with his elemental songwriting style. He’s laid back but forceful, and though it’s been a gradual shift, he now feels firmly in control as he launches songs of a more contemporary Christian nature. “Hallelujah … God, you alone are the one I love,” he sings plaintively, twisting the word hallelujah in such a beautiful manner, the word alone will be on the tip of your tongue endlessly as you hit repeat.

This unassuming song shows Hainstock can craft a hook like the best of them, while staying true to himself as a songwriter and a man of God:

I’m not a good person. I do not always have the best intentions. When I really examine my heart, I am a selfish sinner that blames others for my problems.

Jesus says that I have a plank in my eye that needs to be dealt with. He says that deep down I am a murderer, and an adulterer. He says that we all need His grace, His forgiveness and His love to desire Him and care for others. He says that it’s not about me and that it’s always been about who He is and what He has done.

‘Plank’ will be a collection of songs that will guide my heart back home. It is an effort to direct my thoughts, feelings, and motives towards glorifying God and loving others. I will be giving away music from this site hoping that the songs you hear will help you know the one true and living God.

Here’s hoping there’s a bigger audience for music like this — hopeful, unpretentious, shining brightly in its honest portrayal of faith. I, for one, look forward to hearing more from Plank as he continues to explore these subjects with such open introspection. You can view the video for “You Alone” below.


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