ARTIST TO WATCH: Chris Merritt and the Dirty Girls

Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt is back to rock your word with new music, hopefully to arrive in 2012 in its fullest form … but until then we can all enjoy it in bits and pieces. From his latest email to his fans:

What the hell is going on around here?

The economy is collapsing under our feet.  Vapid tripe is blasting from radio speakers.  Mass media has become a mess of bright flashing lights and unfunny sexual innuendos.  Trained zoo animals have thriving political careers.  Our culture seems to be rejecting progress, solutions, and interesting cranial explosions for conformity, stagnation, and cute pictures of kitties on facebook.

Wait, where are you going?  Hey, come back here!!  OK, ok, forget it!  I’ll talk about, um, my new band, Chris Merritt And The Dirty Girls!  OK, OK, we can keep the cute kitty pics…

The same four chords blasting from the speakers of your radio is your problem.  Chris Merritt And The Dirty Girls is your solution.

I’m putting together my masterpiece.  Chris Merritt And The Dirty Girls will have a new piano-smashing sound and a new album.  Also, expect lots of shows and a tour!

I’m writing songs that are weird and new. They freak me out. There are bizarre pretty notes and time signatures and the four chords of the apocalypse are nowhere to be found.  I obsess over each note.  My neighbors want to kill me.

Brett has been in the lab coming up with new percussion solutions and testing them on animals.  We also have a secret “new” bass player.  I’ve honestly never been so excited about anything in my entire life.  Except the first time I held a girl’s hand and felt the soft warmth of my first crush.  Ah, to be twenty-six again!

In preparation for the new band and album, I’ve been updating the website more regularly (look at the top of this email at “New stuff to check out”) and there are tons of new features.  Keep checking in for new Dirty Girls music, too.  (Here’s a little demo for ya)

Check out Tit Talks featuring phone conversations with my friends and lots of new, old and rare Chris Merritt tracks.

Let’s try to do something great together.  Let’s fight for reason and un-boring art.  Let’s fight for weirdness.  Nerdiness.  Progress.

What’s there not to look forward to? This is going to be definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check back here for further updates as news warrants.


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