F#@^ YEAH IT’S CHRISTMAS: A Holiday Message From James McMurtry

Bad Santa

Bad Santa! Is Christmas just a conspiracy?

Hi, this is James McMurtry reminding you that Christmas is a conspiracy by big business and its associates to enforce traditional family values and leave you feeling disillusioned, weird and let down.

Forget Santa Claus — McMurtry is the Anti-Claus, and he’s keeping it real. I’m not going to go out and support his theory that there’s a Christmas conspiracy to keep us all miserable, but I have to say I wish things were less hinged on how many gifts we can all afford to buy everyone this time of year. In an economy where many are suffering hardships which put holiday consumerism way back on the burner, it’s nice to know someone like McMurtry is willing to help keep our spirits up with his timely wisdom. Now where can I get this turned into my new cellphone ringtone?

I’ll get to happy Christmas songs later, but here are three misanthropic holiday tunes for the miser or Grinch in all of us. Enjoy!


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