FEATURED SONG: Gauss – “Empty Frames”


Indianapolis's next breakthrough band? If you're a metalhead, you'll hope so.

Call this a perfect accidental find, but I can’t let the start of 2012 go by without spreading the word about Gauss, the next great metal act from Indianapolis I can guarantee you’ve never heard of. They’re so obscure right now you’ll find only their 12-minute prog-metal epic “Empty Frames” on their site, which you can download for free if you’re willing to sign up for the band’s mailing list. Trust me — it’s worth it … this song builds and builds, layering twist upon twist as they prove their instrumental mettle. This isn’t a 12-minute exercise in pretentious bullshit; these guys are ready to rock and they need the space this kind of aural canvas provides in order to let the music breathe. Consider it more of a song suite, an epic arrangement of half a dozen disparate hooks into one boldly daring example of what keeps me doing this job year in, year out.  This is a band I sure hope to hear a great deal more from in 2012.


SCOTT WILSON:  Vocals, Guitar (Ex-Demiricous, Romance Morgue)
CHRIS CRUZ: Clean Vocals, drums (Ex-Demiricous, And currently in Lorenguard)
BILL PELON: guitars, noise/atmosphere (Ex-Whiskeytits, Romance Morgue)
JEREMY KING: Keyboards (Ex-Whiskeytits, Romance Morgue, Fax Arcana)

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