ARTIST TO WATCH: Leonard Friend

Leonard Friend

Leonard Friend makes his presence known ... move over, Robin Thicke!

Leonard Friend is ready to take a blind flying leap into the world of R&B-inspired funk pop, and he’s going all in. Whether you’re convinced he’s making “serious music” or you’re just along for a lark, you’re soon to be convinced that this is music you’ll want to hear much, much more of. Creating an alter ego based around his grandfather, who abandoned a promising career as a big band saxophonist when he entered the family’s traveling salesman business, Alex Felder (formerly of the Brooklyn band the XYZ Affair) paints on a musical canvas inspired as much by the New Jack Swing of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous as it is by Morris Day and the Time, and from the minute you press play, the energy never lets up.  Check out his debut video for “Serious Music” below, then ready yourself for what’s sure to be a great ride come January 31st, when Lynyrd Frynd EP drops loud and proud. Trust me, 2012’s already off to a mighty solid start.


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