FEATURED ALBUM: Chris Merritt – “Pixie and the Bear”

Pixie and the Bear

The best indie album you don't own, but should!

This song, “Mimic,” makes me happy. The video I just found for it on YouTube makes me even happier. With a many-headed hydra of rumors being perpetuated by the songwriter himself about all the grand Merritt music we’ll be enjoying in 2012, it’s only fair to go back and listen to a few of his best songs, all off the magnificent Pixie and the Bear, a double album par excelence.  (If I can’t count on new Merritt music for my 30th birthday, nothing beats a blast from the not-so-distant past!)

First, “Mimic,” then the rest, which prove Chris Merritt is the best indie artist you’re not hopelessly addicted to, but should be.

This piano breakdown is enough to make Ben Folds himself break down and demand a chance to break it down note by note. Hopelessly brain-dead music executives ripped Merritt for daring to write in 7/4 time. Fuck ’em. It’s brilliant and will assuredly melt your face.

“Rapping and rhyming / singing and driving / leaving California / stop in Arizona / counting my money / isn’t even funny / staying with my cousin / and I’m gonna be a Mormon.” — best lyric ever. There’s a reason he’s known in some circles as the Mormon Ben Folds despite being an avowed athiest.

This video starts out like a public service announcement on divorce, domestic violence and anger management — then the music kicks in, and all is forgiven as the crunchy keyboards turn your brain inside out — in the best way possible.

Okay, seriously, still doubting that you should give this album a buy?


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