Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club, a Nashville best-kept secret?

It takes real nerve to call Nashville home and launch a band with a modern indie-rock sound infused with grimy electronic beats. But Ugly Kids Club proves being Nash Vegas’s bastard musical stepchildren has its rewards, with “My Soul,” which is part of their self-titled debut EP. “Music is my lover, she’s a sage, she’s physical,” Aleigh Baumhardt sings as the beat backs her with frantic abandon. Music may not always be able to save our soul, but in this case it can give us one hell of a good time. It’s a sound which owes a lot to the early nineties pop trends, which frequently merged pop and grunge with hooks that resonated for days. Appropriately the band has released the EP on limited edition cassette, which in itself seems like a novel gimmick. As they say, “bust out that Walkman with pride” and give the Ugly Kids Club a listen. You might just find yourself a new guilty pleasure.


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