ARTIST TO WATCH: Love and Zombies

Love and Zombies

Braaaaaaaaains ... Love and Zombies works for those with "crunchier" tastes.

There’s no way out, folks! No matter what you do, you’ll find yourself singing along with this one by the time you get to the finish line. “No Way Out” (officially out January 24th as the band’s new single) does a good job introducing Love and Zombies to the masses, as the brain-loving punk outlet for San Jose-based solo artist Doug Young (formerly of the Muckrukers and Pale Like You), exploring such heady topics as “growing up” while not letting go of teenage aspirations, youthful aggression or individuality, while not losing your head to the zombie hordes chasing you down the suburban avenue, lustful over your tasty appendages. Okay, there’s nothing serious about this band — just straightforward, not even close to groundbreaking, sarcastic, honest and twisted as all hell music for those who enjoy NOFX, Thursday or Jawbreaker … or any other band willing to bring the rock crunch and have fun doing it.


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