ALBUM REVIEW: Scotty McCreery – “Clear As Day”

Scotty McCreery: Clear as Day
Album Review
Scotty McCreery – “Clear As Day” (2011, Mercury Nashville)

You can throw money at a project in the hope of receiving short term notice, but once a singer like McCreery steps off the Idol reservation, giving him material this weak leaves him to swim with the sharks while having no real talent to defend himself with.

I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this one. But hear me out … unlike the Supreme Dicks review, in Scotty’s case he’s a genuinely likeable guy who has simply been screwed over by Idol’s powers which be, who gave him material which was so sub-par there was no way he’d build a career. Already disadvantaged by the fact that he’d won a national talent competition without the ability to actually write his own material, he was at the mercy of whatever songwriters 19 Entertainment would choose to craft material on his behalf. And when the best thing they can do is get Keith Urban to write drivel about how he needs to “loosen his tie and escape the rat race” on “Walk in the Country,” a song which also references hating “all of them TV shows.” If they wanted him to have a lasting career, they should have given him much better material to work with along with the support to develop his own songwriting abilities, writing about things he really believes. You can read the rest of the review at PopMatters, if I haven’t already sufficiently pissed you off.


One thought on “ALBUM REVIEW: Scotty McCreery – “Clear As Day”

  1. Yeah your gonna get alot of hate mail. Scotty has more fans than you ever dreamed of, and is already more successful than you will ever be. If his album wasn’t any good than I don’t believe it would have went platinum, so the sales speaks for itself, and he wouldn’t have been asked on tour by Brad Paisley if he didn’t have talent. You are the one that has no talent, because you have to print bad reviews about good people just to get attention.

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