FEATURED SONG: The Glass Child – “Insanity”

The Glass Child

Charlotte Eriksson of The Glass Child

This live version of The Glass Child’s “Insanity” only has 48 views as of the time  of this posting, but it’s a surprisingly solid version which incorporates the entirety of the twisty complicated arrangement in a setting which quickly proves her immense talent. Sweden native Charlotte Eriksson, who has relocated to London to professionally pursue her music,  is ready and willing to get out there and complete musically with the likes of A Fine Frenzy’s Bomb in a Birdcage or Bat For Lashes’ Two Suns. With a voice like this, who could dare refuse to listen?

With two solid EPs under her belt, most recently December’s This Is How Ghosts Are Made (which features “Insanity”), The Glass Child makes a solid case for being the most interesting indie find so far in 2012. This is pop music of the highest order, a song you’ll be hard-pressed to get out of your head once you hear it — which makes this the BEST kind of pop fans can ask for!


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