FEATURED SONG: Man Danno – “Ignorant”

Man Danno

Man Danno brings the goods!

I hear hip-hop tracks pitched to me from just about every angle, and rarely do they elicit more than mild interest and occasionally a repeat play. But Fated Empire’s latest signing, Man Danno, definitely brings the goods, layering his modern hip-hop flow over backing music which might have sounded at home in the roaring 20s, managing to make it all sound entirely “now.” As “underground hip-hop’s military child,” temporarily residing everywhere from Phoenix to Oakland before finally settling in Seattle, Man Danno brings a great deal of unique flavor to the table even as he riffs off the work of others. “Hey look I’m blowing up, girls say I look like Atmosphere but he’s not half as weird,” he raps, but he doesn’t need to be held back by lazy comparisons. Violance Armstrong EP is a refreshing change of pace and bodes well for this young MC, who should fit in just fine in a scene already well represented by the likes of Grieves and Grayskul. Rhymesayers might very well have some competition!


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