Holy Esque

Scottish indie rockers Holy Esque

With a self-titled EP coming out April 23, Scotish indie-rockers Holy Esque are readying a full-scale assault on the American audience, with “Rose” leading the charge. Bringing the best of melodic Snow Patrol with vocals which remind this critic of the band Gomez, lead singer Pat Haynes delivers his band’s message with intensity and verve, and the rest of the band backs him with atmospheric arrangements suitably furious and raw. The result is fresh and definitely worth the listen.

For those of us who love 90s alternative music, Holy Esque is the perfect way to get our fix without feeling like we’re stuck in a world of nostalgia — this, my friends, is not backward-leaning music. “Rose” shows Holy Esque grabbing alt-rock by the ears and dragging it dramatically into the new decade. With any luck we’ll be hearing this on the few remaining terrestrial rock stations in America really soon, played on repeat. Until then, eagerly await the EP and spread the word!


4 thoughts on “ARTIST TO WATCH: Holy Esque

    • I had an old image there which a site said was Holy Esque but actually wasn’t. I know the new one is official 🙂 Glad you liked the review! Feel free to explore the rest of the site as well … I’m sure there’ll be plenty worth reading about 😉

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