The Doctors Fox

The Doctors Fox

DOWNLOAD MP3: The Doctors Fox – “Gauge” (right click, save as)

Handful of Laughs, by Boston’s own The Doctors Fox, is one of those albums which will warp your mind and assuredly change your definition of what makes genre-bending music work. These are epic arrangements of raw, furious experimental depth which rival anything you’ve likely heard in years. “Gauge” in particular showcases their genre-twisting style in all its glory, defying any attempt to classify them lazily. The closest I can come to pigeonholing their sound is at the song’s midpoint, when the song shifts from 4/4 basic pop to a frantic 6/8 fiddle-fueled stomp of glorious proportions … Boyd Tinsley himself would be gobsmacked by the single’s raw awesomeness. The rest of the album lives up to that almost unreachable level of jam band creative bliss track after blistering track, making The Doctors Fox one of my favorite new music finds this year. If you’re lucky enough to live on the east coast, check them out live while they’re still unknowns.


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