FEATURED SONG: Andrew Estes – “Business As Usual”

Andrew Estes

Andrew Estes

I’ve been looking for a narrative
To put some words into
To appear to be moving the way I want
Without revealing any truths to you

I’m going to have to make it a regular mission to dig through music by local talent, because this is the second time I’ve had my mind blown in as many days. Since featuring Lonely Patrol’s “Bittermint,” which I still say is a wickedly sharp hook worthy of wider airplay, I’ve been hearing from people around the tri-State (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois) about other local talent deserving of wider notice, and Andrew Estes rose quickly to the top with this incisive acoustic song released to YouTube in March and (at the time of publication) only having been heard 14 times.

That’s unforgivable, considering how fully realized this song is. It’s almost a cross between the lyricism of the Mountain Goats with the jangle-pop hooks of R.E.M., giving the song both a retro and modern flair which lends itself to repeat listening. I’m told he’s working on professional studio recordings in Owensboro, Kentucky, and if the result is as good as this — and “Business As Usual” is a perfectly workable single candidate! — I’d expect to hear a great deal more from Estes in the future.

Listen for yourself below and sound off in the comments with your opinions!


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