You can't go wrong hearing this little bird sing ...

So I picked up my copy of Rolling Stone this afternoon from the mailbox, and I see a two star review of Birdy’s self-titled debut, and it was surprisingly scathing considering in the end they seem to merely be accusing her of having taste too refined for her age:

The songs stick to a formula: tolling piano chords, an “atmospheric” beat and Birdy’ s mewling. The result is the most boring music ever recorded bya teenager. No one so young should have such flawless taste in Quality Indie Rock, or sound this bummed out.

Her taste, whatever you think of her choice in covers, is impeccable. Birdy is an album which sticks to a theme, and the choices she makes in the arrangments of others’ songs are definitely interesting. Take her version of The Naked and Famous’s “Young Blood,” which she slows down from its originally dense synth arrangment (a la the likes of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”), accentuating the melody of the song and making room for her exeptional vocals. When she sings “I’ll fall back in love eventually,” it’s hard not to melt between the headphones. She may only be 15 years old and still finding her own voice, but what we find here on her debut bodes well for the future. I’d put her high on the list of artists worthy to follow in Adele’s footsteps in the coming years.


One thought on “ARTISTS TO WATCH: Birdy

  1. Oh how damning the critics can be and how that can set an artist (of any variety) back so many steps, knocking their confidence hard and unfairly.

    I think she has an unusual voice, quirky. But that’s good, helps her to stand out, right? As for boring, bring on ‘The Thrills’ and ‘Snow Patrol’. Sorry. Even then, I’m sure they have good tracks, it’s just not my cup of tea!

    PS – 15 years old!??!?! MAN!

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