PJ MEDIA: Tupac To The Future

Tupac To The Future

When does technology go too far?

I’m no Luddite, but there are some aspects of technology which give me pause. I wrote this morning on PJ Media’s Lifestyle page of Tupac’s Coachella resurrection via hologram, and the potential future implications of such technology. I’m posting the link here so my “Hear! Hear!” readers can join the conversation. What do you think? Should posthumous record releases be enough, or would you pay to see Tupac live … or any band for that matter? Would it be even remotely fulfilling to see the Hologram Beatles onstage for one night only? Or would it be simply soul killing?


6 thoughts on “PJ MEDIA: Tupac To The Future

    • I did think it was amusing, considering that intern from the Olympics who sent an invite for Keith Moon to play the London Games … maybe Hologram Keith might show up 😉 I agree though, I wouldn’t pay to see that kind of thing …

      • The Keith Moon thing was really funny. So ridiculous when you think about it! I think it’s a step too far, personally. Sometimes you just need to accept that you can’t experience these things… As Turnjacson said, listen for nostalgia/appreciation of the music.

  1. Now this has happened it makes me wonder, will start to happen to other artists/bands. For instance the beatles, could they make a hologram of them and take that on tour? If they did, I think id go

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