FEATURED SONG: A. Wolf and Her Claws – “Zero To 60”

A Wolf and Her Claws

A. Wolf and Her Claws' Aby Wolf

This is some wild ragga-elecro-pop you’ll soon be unable to get out of your head, and it’s all thanks to the vocals of Aby Wolf. From the self-titled debut A. Wolf and Her Claws, “Zero To 60” blasts into the dub stratosphere with a boost by synthesist / programmer Jesse Whitney’s twisted arrangement, but Wolf’s voice is what wins you over in the end. What is immediately clear is that the band wants to push the envelope of what inspires modern electronic pop, and their energy is immediately contagious. Not that it should be a surprise, with Wolf hailing from Doomtree, the groundbreaking hip-hop crew responsible for some of the most innovative albums not to come from Rhymesayers. A. Wolf and Her Claws is available now as a free stream via AOL’s Spinner, so there’s no excuse — groove to the video below, then check out the full album. It is definitely worth the listen.


One thought on “FEATURED SONG: A. Wolf and Her Claws – “Zero To 60”

  1. I like the piece you wrote for it, but I think the song is awful. It might be because I love my guitar music but it really is terrible. I think that they’re attempting to be different so people take a like to them, really hasn’t worked for me.

    Nice piece though still.

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