Serj Tankian Set To Release New Studio Album, Harakiri, July 10th

Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian to release new album in July

System of a Down’s Serj Tankian is ready to release his third solo album, Harakiri, this coming July. Recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, Tankian used his iPad as an actual songwriting instrument. “We must trick ourselves into writing in different ways to get unexpected results,” he says. “The record is different than any I’ve made as a solo artist. It is much more driving and punk oriented with influences ranging from goth to electronic to 80’s vibes, dynamically heavy rock to epic melodic songs. Lyrically, it spans the gauntlet of themes from personal, political and philosophical to spiritual, humor and love.”

Not that Tankian’s ever someone who would likely be accused of playing things safe. His work with System of a Down has long been on the cutting edge of modern alt-metal, and his solo albums — Elect The Dead and Imperfect Harmonies — have pushed the envelope more each time out. A sample of the first single, “Figure It Out,” will be issued on Tankian’s website next week.

Until then, enjoy “Goodbye – Gate 21 (Rock Remix)” from the Imperfect Remixes EP, featuring his backup band the FCC and Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine.


5 thoughts on “Serj Tankian Set To Release New Studio Album, Harakiri, July 10th

  1. SO glad I follow your blog! I LOVE Serj Tankian and it’s wonderful to read about his upcoming album! Thank you for sharing this! I saw him in concert for his first album, it was great, Top-Hats galore! 🙂

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