UNDER COVER: Hope & Social (featuring She Makes War) – “Dress You Up”

Crypt Covers

Hope & Social and She Makes War (a.k.a. Laura Kidd) come together to collectively say: “Madge who?”

She Makes War’s Little Battles being one of my favorites of the year thus far, I was pleased to hear this great cover come across my desk this afternoon. Laura Kidd teamed up with the band Hope & Social as part of a fan-sourced project to arrange, produce and record a collaborative cover track, chosen by fans, in just one day. The cover speaks for itself, and is in this critic’s opinion, more than lives up to the challenge a Madonna cover puts forth. It’s a full-on reinvention of the original, slow and steady in its ear-bendingly haunting arrangement until just the moment the band stretches its demented imagining to the point of no return. Then we crash to earth as bass and full-bore percussion bring the hammer down. Once you listen, there’s no going back, but then again: why would you want to? (Hooked? Check out more “Crypt Covers” here!)


One thought on “UNDER COVER: Hope & Social (featuring She Makes War) – “Dress You Up”

  1. You can’t but admire the challenge, confidence and musical ability of artists that can create a cover song selected by the spin of a wheel! The result will always be exciting as #crypcovers2 proves – hats off!

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