SNAP JUDGMENT: Jamie DeWolf – “The God or the Man”

The eye of the pyramid never blinks.

This riveting spoken word masterpiece exposes the bitter truths behind the creation and worldwide reach of Scientology, the religion created by a science fiction writer who knew how you really make money. I’ve never posted any spoken-word here at “Hear! Hear!” but this was too mind-blowing to pass up. Every family has its black sheep, but rarely is the story behind it as intriguing as Jamie DeWolf’s tale of his great great grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard, and the son who spent his life running from “what he saw behind the curtain”:

When your father has created a religion in your lifetime
There’s no sun big enough to ever escape his shadow

Threats and intimidation make for one of the greatest stories never turned into a James McMurtry song. And the ending will have you instantly hitting repeat.


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