Leeds-based rockers Frenetics revive the classic muscular rhythms and ear-catching melodies of 70s era garage punk. In turn they’re dragging their influences, everyone from Television to Iggy Pop, kicking and screaming into the modern rock world. “Ella” is a single which sticks to the inner reaches of the skull upon even a cursory listen, and though there’s nothing particularly forward-reaching about the single, the band clearly romanticizes those figures of the British music scene who played a huge role in developing punk music in the first place. So bringing some attention back to the sounds of a genre’s birth seems appropriate if they’re soon to be taking the lead in pushing said music into the future.

The band’s EP Broken Hands will be released on June 11th, and it further showcases their musical direction. “Satellites” is a tight production which owes more to bands like the Hives in the way they craft the ear-catching hook at the chorus. “See You On The Other Side” features blistering guitars and a wall of thundering percussion to back up the immediately singable title line. But it’s the unforgettable “Swing Kids” which will draw you in for good — given the chance to slow things down and illuminate the depth of their musical chops, it’s hard not to think of bands like Oasis, who were as capable of looking to the past for inspiration as they were at pushing modern alternatives to fans ready and willing to rock. This is definitely a band you’ll want to keep on your radar.


7 thoughts on “ARTISTS TO WATCH: Frenetics

  1. I’m definitely glad I stumbled on their stuff … I’m always a sucker for this brand of punk-rock music, with just enough garage flair to keep things interesting 🙂

  2. For once I had to listen to a recommendation twice before deciding whether or not I liked it! I think that I do like it… took me a moment to get over the strong accent, but I think I dig it. 🙂

  3. iggy pop and television?? are you joking. sounds like a 2nd rate arctic monkeys… singers voice is really grating as well…

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