Savannah, Georgia rocks a good bit more now that these up-and-coming indie-rockers are taking the region by storm. “Worst Enemy” is a fantastic introduction to a band which features a lead singer as immediately ear-catching as Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O, with a crunching assault of guitars which more than supports the comparison. The song’s a slow builder, just the way I like it. Just a few echoed guitar chords provide the base for Angel Bond’s voice to reach into our heads and latch on. Then fifty seconds in the drums and guitar arrive full-force as Bond’s vocals fully take off.

The band won’t have an album to release until later this year, but with the fuse ably lit, expect Cusses to burn up the summer. I’ll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for more from this group. They’ll be playing a handful of tour dates still in the coming weeks if you’re in Georgia, Tennessee or North Carolina, though for the rest of us the single, and the anticipation of more on that yet-to-be-issued debut album, will have to suffice.

May 31 – Savannah, GA – The Jinx
June 1 – Charlotte, NC – The Evening Muse
June 2 – Asheville, NC – The Lexington Ave Brewery
June 15 – Chattanooga, TN – JJ’s Bohemia

3 thoughts on “ARTISTS TO WATCH: Cusses

    • If they ever play Indiana, I’ll get the chance to check them out. Glad you stumbled by 😉 Hopefully you’ll find more to enjoy about other bands we’ve featured as well 🙂

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