Coasta EP

For those bands out there making interesting music for audiences too small to have already launched a wider conversation, I present to you: “This One Time On Bandcamp.” This ongoing series, under the header of Artists to Watch, is meant to feature bands you haven’t heard — bands making music in the underground or without the resources to push for wider general exposure. The idea isn’t to say these bands are the greatest you’ll ever hear, or to suggest that every band featured is your next radio superstar in training. The idea is to spark a conversation. If we all are the gatekeepers, it’s time we start digging deeper, rather than simply waiting for a band to sign to a label and hire hot-shot publicists to tell us what we should be talking about.

Case in point: Coasta … a band with an unassuming self-titled EP to their name and little else to hang a hat on. But the music’s particularly ear-catching, despite the lack of forward motion behind their promotion. These Long Island musicians apparently met at Rogue Studios and recorded this effort as part of an impromptu jam session. This is pop-rock with hooks to spare, front-loaded with jangly guitars reminiscent of bands like the Slip, matched with vocals to rival Northern Room, one of the stronger indie pop bands I’ve followed over the years. “Sirens” and “Sunzat” are particularly riveting listens, but the entirety of Coasta EP warrants a stream or ten, once you let these melodies sink their teeth in.

What do you think? Sound off below! And if you have
any suggestions for future “This One Time, On Bandcamp” features,
email me a link to a stream of a single or album. I’m always
interested in discovering new music.


One thought on “THIS ONE TIME ON BANDCAMP: Coasta

  1. I was sort of digging the intro but oh, when that guitar riff kicks in, wow – very tasty!

    Yeah, I think I may just love this! Nice one, Kroessman!

    Yes, I don’t think there is anything about it that I dislike. Fantastic choice!

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