Achtung, Baby! If you want to be in the Last Royals, better bone up on your U2

The Last Royals

The Last Royals

Achtung BabyPsst … if you want to be in the Last Royals, you better make sure you’re up to speed on your rock history. In a tongue-in-cheek email sent out to the band’s fan-list today, it was brought to our attention that Mason Ingram, the duo’s drummer, was (gasp!) not familiar with U2’s Achtung Baby. The ultimate deal-breaker supposedly left the band on the cusp of breaking up, until Ingram took writer/singer/producer Eric James’ advice and listened to the album and decided it’s worthy of a night of seminal band-based man-love. So the duo, safely reunited, will be playing a special show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City (with a mysterious group of “good friends”) to play the album start to finish.

Could this be the start of the band’s transformation into a modern-day Camper Van Beethoven, creating ultimate nerdgasm versions of rock’s most brilliant creations? Watch out, Beatles fans, because the Fab Four could be next:

Next up: Mason discovers The Beatles’ Revolver…kidding, kidding….(Mason, you DO know Revolver…right??)

Hey, they did do a really awesome cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” so what’s to make anyone think their new-found focus on becoming America’s next great u2 cover band isn’t the next logical step? I’ll definitely be listening, though my vote is for something more adventurous. Perhaps a resurrection of Girl You Know Its True, by Milli Vanilli would be in order? I can’t wait to hear their version of “Blame It On The Rain”!


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