FEATURED SONG: Beware of Darkness – “Howl”

Beware of Darkness

Beware of Darkness, because sometimes full-on rock comes with a sharp bite!

Lay down, heaven can wait
You think you’re right, I think you can change
Draw some blood … I’m not going hungry tonight
Won’t it be fun to howl in the night?

Kyle Nicolaides is my new favorite guitar-rock mind-bender! The 21-year-old’s been channeling the hell out of his Led Zeppelin-era idols, but what really stands out about his band Beware of Darkness’s latest, “Howl” (off the EP of the same name which officially drops today) is just how much they’re able to modernize about these riffs which have been around for decades; it’s a twisting forward-marching maelstrom which does more to refute the “rock is dead” mantra than any other album this far into 2012.

If you’re lucky enough to be in LA tonight, get on this: The band’s playing a secret showcase at 8 p.m. at the Viper Room, in advance of their upcoming performance at the Sunset Sessions radio convention this weekend in Palm Springs (get your tickets!). Even if you can’t, trust me — this is a band you’ll want to catch live when you get even the slightest opportunity. There’s a raw energy here you simply cannot capture on a mere YouTube clip or mp3 bastardization … though at least it’s a start!


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