THIS ONE TIME ON BANDCAMP: King’s Kaleidoscope

Kings Kaleidoscope

Alternative Christian fans will have a field day with this four-track EP I stumbled upon on Bandcamp today. Led by Deacon Chad Gardner, the band of some dozen musicians brings strings, horns drums and (best of all) vocals brimming with praise and wonder. “Come Thou Fount” is the standout of the Asaph’s Arrows EP, but the entirety is worth giving serious headphone consideration for its progressive arrangement of the classic hymn. King’s Kaleidoscope, and the Mars Hill Church, have developed a strong focus on praise and worship music which pushes the boundaries of what one might expect from the genre, creating music which demands to be repeated.


3 thoughts on “THIS ONE TIME ON BANDCAMP: King’s Kaleidoscope

  1. He has a really nice voice. I’m trying to think who he sounds like – there are a few artists that are on the tip of my tongue. Wow, that tune really kicks in, doesn’t it? I wasn’t quite expecting that, a little like Less Than Jake.
    There is something a bit Christmassy about it. I think it’s his voice. (I realise that sounds stupid!)

    Very cool. πŸ™‚

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