Check out the All Ways on America’s Got Talent!

The All Ways Got Talent

The All Ways definitely have talent … but will America fall for them?

I have been a fan of the All Ways ever since I first heard their cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” last year and wrote them up here at “Hear! Hear!”twice! They auditioned for America’s Got Talent by performing the Adele cover … a smart move, considering it’s their big claim to fame. But it’ll be interesting to see if America buys in and falls in love with the band when they start playing their own songs. My vote is for “Jaguar,” their latest single, which is catchy and upbeat, bringing together the band’s obvious love for eighties rock with their more modern pop-punk leanings. Either way, it ought to be fun to see a “Hear! Hear!” Artists To Watch act making good on national television. Hopefully this will put them a step closer to recording an album for national consumption.

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How far do you think these guys will get in the competition? Sound off in the comments below! You can catch them live on America’s Got Talent on Tuesday the 10th at 8 p.m. EST, the first of the top 48 voting rounds.


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