The Zolas tie themselves up in knots to create amazing alt pop hooks and win hearts

The Zolas

If I’d heard this one a few months ago it could have easily been my song of summer. Okay, actually I did hear this song a month ago, but it fell off my desk only to earworm its way back in, and I’m damned glad for it. The Zolas have a distinct sound — “Knot In My Heart” opens with an oddly familiar strain akin to touches of Flight of the Conchords mock folk, but twists off-kilter keyboards and haunting vocals quickly enter the mix, crafting a pop hook as warped as anything you’ve heard this year. The band’s latest album, Ancient Mars, came out this week on Light Organ Records, and is definitely an album you’ll want on your Fall driving radar. If you enjoy music by the Wombats, with hooks taking modern techno-pop touches and merging them with 90s alt-nostalgia, the Zolas will be your new favorite.


6 thoughts on “The Zolas tie themselves up in knots to create amazing alt pop hooks and win hearts

  1. I love that you’ve used ‘earthworm’ as a verb, that rocks! 🙂 I like the sound of them and they look quirky. Nice one. 🙂 (Have really missed regularly reading your posts, by the way. Hopefully this will be me back on track!)

    • Nice to be back … I’ve been swamped with my day job coupled with my freelance web design work, and let this site go to seed for far too long. I’ll aim to be far more regular with my posting 😉 I used the word “earworm,” which urban dictionary defines thusly: “A song with an ‘addictive’ element (hook, melody, lyric) that draws people into listening multiple times. Song doesn’t have to be good or bad, it just needs to have that ‘addictive’ element.” In this case I meant it in a good way 😉 Using it as a verb was a twist, but I think it works 😉

      • You’re totally right. I was watching something on the TV last week. This most god-awful Europop song. It was so kitsch, so naff… But I couldn’t stop watching it to turn off the TV. So you’re dead right, just needs to be addictive. ‘Moves Like Jagger’. How simple is that song? I love it (sorry!) except for the Christina bit, it’s just so catchy…

        Good to have you back! 🙂

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