Wax Fang’s “Mirror Mirror” is an incisive cut of demonic-edged rock, relishes the sinister in life

Wax Fang

Another Louisville band front and center for you today: Wax Fang puts serious flesh into the game with their latest single “Mirror Mirror,” which will sink in deep and demand to be spread like the aural virus it is. The instant we hear singer-guitarist Scott Carney’s first haunting vocals, the trap is set. There’s no release but to play more, devouring the rest of what Mirror Mirror EP has to offer (out October 30 via Karate Body Records).

Once the percussive guitars slam into play ninety seconds into the song, there’s a gleeful sense of dark tent revivalism at play — Carney lures us under the guise of some deeply twisted ritual to wield a poisonous snake or two in the name of alternative salvation. It works, the melody digging its way in, insisting there’s no escape. All’s fair in the search for amazing new music. Skip the genre comparisons and simply check out the video below. And if you’re going to be near Louisville on the 17th of November, you’d be insane to miss the band’s homecoming at Headliners Music Hall with Old Baby and Anwar Sadat — only $10, with tickets still available!


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