When it comes to crafting memorable hooks, The Racer won’t “Settle” for anything less than the best

The Racer Settle

If Dexter Morgan had The Racer’s album as his dark passenger, he wouldn’t need to settle for serial murder — they’ve got “killing it” handled!

– – – – –

PassengersDon’t let the first thirty seconds fool you. Monroe (New York)’s The Racer delivers with their latest single “Settle” from their sophomore album Passengers, due out November 11. At first the song echoes classic Coldplay — heavy on the pianos but advocating the tried and true slow build. No doubt, however, they deliver the payoff — the subtlety of the keyboards and vocals during the first verse makes way for the blistering chorus. Instantly there’s no doubting the band much more comfortably compares to Matthew Good. You won’t escape the earworms once the band drops all pretense and lets Steve Kondracki’s blistering guitar solo take over. “Tell me, who are you?” Pete Marotta wails on the refrain, and quite frankly, I’m asking the same question about them. I can’t wait to delve into the whole album!


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