Ousted X-Factor Contestant Vino Alan: “If Jimi Hendrix came out today, what show would he go on?”

Vino Allen: What would Jimi do?

Vino Alan asks: “What would Jimi do?”

I don’t usually comment too much about the goings-on of reality television, but a recent interview Vino Alan gave to Yahoo’s Reality Rocks just cried out for commentary. Poor Mr. Alan, who allowed X-Factor’s producers to change his song at the last minute, despite his disapproval, says the show simply does not take its older artists seriously (emphasis is mine):

Yeah, I thought it would have been cool for Simon and the show to make a statement that for older artists, who might have gotten lost in the industry, there’s still an open door for them … It definitely was not set up to be an inspiring atmosphere, and I’ve told them that they have to work on that in the future, if they want it to be more artist-friendly. It did seem to lean more towards every other show that’s been out there that’s tried to create something that’s packaged and marketed, but maybe doesn’t move the soul. I mean, if Jimi Hendrix came out today, what show would he be able to go on? What the hell, what would they do? Is he not pretty enough? Now I think these true great artists out there will be gun-shy [about auditioning for ‘The X Factor’], because they’ll see maybe what happened to me or how people treated me. I think Simon had a chance to create a different monster of a show, and that is really the only thing I find disappointing.

Seriously … “what show would Jimi be able to go on?” Now that Alan no longer has X-Factor duties holding him back, he should give Jimi’s music another listen and ask himself why Hendrix would waste his time on a “get rich quick” reality scheme when he already had the skills and talent to back his career on his own.

Get back with me, Vino, when you can do this:


3 thoughts on “Ousted X-Factor Contestant Vino Alan: “If Jimi Hendrix came out today, what show would he go on?”

  1. There are artists, and there are entertainers. An entertainer is about “what do you want to hear?” An artist is about “here’s what I have, I hope you like it.” There is no place for artists on crap shows like X Factor and Idol and their ilk; they are only interested in entertainers, because they get better ratings since they don’t challenge the audience. It’s all about making money. If you want to hear music worth listening to, you need to look elsewhere.

    • I agree … I think he misunderstood the goals of the show, expecting they’d give him a free-ride to instant fame. Two years from now I’ll be hard-pressed to remember any of the fools on that show, however. The idea that he thinks his ouster is the equivalent of keeping a Jimi Hendrix down is what’s laughable.

  2. Does this guy actually know who Jimi Hendrix was or what he did for music in general?? Some people… some people….

    I always feel there’s a level of sincerity that makes people connect with truly great music and artists… that level of honesty and sincerity is lost once you step into the realm of reality music stardom. Those people aren’t there for the music, they’re only there for the fame.

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