Biffy Clyro’s “Black Chandelier” video premiers online, with Opposites coming to American listeners in March

Those who have followed me through my writing on this site and others over the last five years will know I’m a huge Biffy Clyro fan. But being a fan of the band in America means being something of a second-class listener — they don’t sell out tours here easily, and we rarely get to hear new music at the same time European fans do. Still, it’s hard to bitch too mightily when the longer waits just make the new music sound all that much sweeter when we get it.

When I commented on their last album, Only Revolutions, and the ensuing Foo Fighters tour which came from that album’s promotion cycle, I’d opined that perhaps at long last  the band “may have finally gotten the break they need to smash through to success in America.” Alas, that didn’t happen. Still, I hold out hope that their upcoming album Opposites might deliver the outpouring of radio play their layered blend of poly-rhythmic punk-rock and melodic pop deserves.

“Black Chandelier,” out now on YouTube, illustrates the continued evolution of their sound. “I’ll sit in silence for the rest of my life if you like,” Simon Neil sings at the start, and, building on the pop smarts of previous singles like “Mountains” and “God and Satan,” I’m immediately reminded why I frequently praise the depth and quality of their singable choruses. Even as the “drip drip drip” of the song’s opening salvo quietly drills into my skull, ensuring this melody won’t leave my lips for days, I’m inking the March 12 US release date on my calendar. With any luck this will break its way onto the Hot 100, announcing for the rest of America what those of us in the know spent years shouting, praying as we did that Neil never follows through on that threat of silence.


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