Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” proves French DJ’s hooks have mainstream appeal — full album out today in US

Breakbot, already well regarded among DJs in France, is a multi-instrumentalist with talent and hooks to spare, something made immediately clear when listening to By Your Side. Out today in the US on Because Music / SIre, the LP features “Baby I’m Yours,” an ear-catching blend of pop, eurodisco and funk, eerily reminiscent of Jamiroquai. Breakbot (a.k.a. Thibault Berland) explains his musical intentions: “I guess you could say my album is more a pop songs album than a Berlin techno record with water drops sounds in it – I wanted to make a pop journey that would have all my influences, without being a reference catalog.”

The result, an album which features guest appearances from Irfane, Ruckazoid and Bjorn Synneby, showcases Berland’s ability to craft ear-catching dance pop without sacrificing his instrumental integrity. “By Your Side” (Parts I and II) and “Programme” establish both sides of Breakbot’s effective style — and if he continues in this direction, he’s liable to establish as much of a name for himself here in the States as he has in Europe.


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