Steel Wheels’ Lay Down Lay Low rolls on as this year’s best unheralded Americana album

The amazing thing about Lay Down Lay Low, the latest album by the Steel Wheels, is the band’s ability to cover bluegrass and gospel in equal measures, crafting a diverse album of Americana which has sadly gone unheard by the audience it deserves. Not that this should surprise anyone based on their back catalog, which includes songs like this one. “Lay Down Lay Low” should please fans of the Punch Brothers, but the real stunner on the album is “Rain in the Valley,” a full-bore gospel throwdown in the vein of Delta Rae’s “Bottom of the River,” both of which should have wider mainstream appeal in the current pop climate. With music like this waiting to be discovered, Lay Down Lay Low is a treasure trove for fans of great undiscovered music. The album was recently recognized by the Americana Music Association as one of the Top 100 Albums of the Year across all Americana genres, which certainly bodes well for these Blue Ridge boys’ future.


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