Fall Out Boy knows what we did in the dark but hasn’t figured out it’s been six years since their relevance expired

A career in flames, but they still lack a clue

I wish Fall Out Boy could see just how far they’ve fallen since their career crashed and burned with the collapse of Folie a Deux. Unfortunately they think that a dash of Maroon 5 mock-swagger plus Bruno Mars-esque backdrop hooks equals a whole lot of Fun. And it’s not. Not by a long shot. “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” merely showcases a band whose career long ago went up in smoke attempting to create a pop juggernaut while playing by the old rules, figuring we’re all so desperate for a radio earworm we’ll gladly submit our brains for their control.

While once a powerful fixture in the world of top 40 hitmaking, Infinity On High marked their peak, and the five-year absence after “hits” like “America’s Suiteheart” failed to exceed trainwreck status suggests a total lack of direction. It’s been a long slow slide, and worse yet, they think they can Save Rock and Roll with their absurdly titled sixth studio album, due out in April. If this single is the best they can do, I think rock and roll would rather die a slow painful death than to submit to Patrick Stump and Co. as its savior. Sorry boys … the fall-out shall be swift: This critic knows what your songs did during the hiatus, and he’s not buying. Here’s hoping the rest of America follows suit.


8 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy knows what we did in the dark but hasn’t figured out it’s been six years since their relevance expired

  1. Yeah… no. Fall Out Boy will always have my heart. F**k the critics. The critics dont mean anything to me. Folie a Deux is a great album. With meanigful lyrics. So sorry you cant see that.

    • Yet that “great album” bombed and the band has waited five years to supposedly “save” rock and roll … with the same kind of sound, only retrofitted enough to fit the style of radio we heard back when Infinity On High was huge. Seems like a desperate move to me, and one completely out of touch with the state of pop music today.

      Still, I suppose we’ll see in April whether they have any additional tricks left up their sleeves.

    • I’ll at least give it a listen, now that my expectations have been lowered significantly. I just expected a five year wait would warrant more shifting of their core sound than the new song delivers. These days you either innovate or die.

  2. I certainly disagree with you, I love Fall Out Boy and you should have seen the way Tumblr blew up after the song and video launched. Thousands of people (including myself) are excited not only for this single but an entire new album as well. I can’t wait until April, and I think that you don’t have the heart of a true original FOB fan.

    • I guess I don’t. My job is to call it how I see it … if the new album makes a stronger impact, I’ll be willing to admit that. But I’m glad you read the article and commented … that’s the key, that we can disagree without having to have it devolve into a personal attack 😉

      • Oh I agree with you, no personal attack here on my end, I feel the same way about that. But maybe say weather or not you enjoyed FOB when they first came around and made it big with Sugar We’re Going Down. If you lead with some background on your original thoughts about the band we (the FOB following) might not get so angry 🙂

      • In general I’ve always felt they had a flair for hooks, but I think Pete’s overwrought lyrics tend to bring him down. That was where I felt Folie a Deux collapsed under its own weight. I wanted to like it, but I found it more self righteous and obsessed with its own eternal sense of self reference to be something I’d listen to for pop enjoyment. I’d fully expected them to come out with something new in 2010 or 2011, and it never came. For this to be their first at-bat on an album called “Save Rock and Roll” seemed a bit much.

        Though as I said, I’ll listen to the new album and judge it as a whole when it’s available. I can only comment on my thoughts on this song — and my song reviews tend to be my initial impression. Once I hear it as part of the whole album perhaps my opinion might shift. It has happened before.

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