“Tell Me When You See Something Worth Saving” — Why you should immediately become familiar with the work of Darrin Bradbury

Darrin Bradbury tells things as he sees them, which makes this four-track single release, A Casual Conversation With Superman, a stunningly repeatable listen. “True love’s gonna make you lose your teeth,” he sings on the track “True Love,” which equates a broken-down love affair to the decay of an addiction to methamphetamine: “How I wish I could get back to when love was just a toke of something green like your eyes and gold like your hair,” he mourns, before suggesting that true love burns fast, sweet and then becomes suffocating and destructive. That’s much like the take on the Superman trope on the first track, which really is the standout. “Tell me when you see something worth saving,” Superman snarks at the songwriter while standing outside a telephone booth. “Flying will hurt your back and the spandex makes you itch … sometimes this world just ain’t worth saving.” That and saving the world repeatedly still doesn’t get you laid enough, what with Superman’s kryptonite sperm and all.

Trust me, this songwriter from West Virginia brings the goods. This EP’s only the starting point — get hooked on it, then move on to the harder drugs of The Quiet Side of Hell, which really gives you the goods on what Bradbury has to offer. This is Steve Earle meets Drive-By Truckers, with the sharp lyrical edges of John Prine and the strong folk melodic flair of Danny Schmidt. In other words, listen and you won’t be disappointed.


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