John Ondrasik throws pop music a lifeline with stunning single “What If”

Ask yourself for a minute just what makes for a full-throttle pop stunner, and “What If” by Five For Fighting masterfully answers. Start with a memorable piano hook, then layer on thundering percussion and staccato vocals over an eventual guitar hook at the chorus which simply can’t be expunged from your mind. Draw listeners in with the music, then hit them with a deceptively simple line of questions which stand to probe the deepest failings of a relationship, putting us in the unenviable position of seeing things through another’s eyes.

“What If” proves itself to be up to the challenge of throwing 2013’s pop fans a lifeline, an instantly repeatable song which reveals more on each listen as we dig deeper into what first seemed simple but later becomes far more complex. “What if you told my lies? What if I cried with your eyes?” Ondrasik asks, emotion brimming over from every falsetto note left ringing in our ears. “Could anyone keep us down?” Here, he sings to an unseen second person of a relationship on the rocks, questioning both himself and her about where the failings lie. Is it me? Is it you? Are we both equally to blame, for simply never considering the other’s point of view? What if all that’s needed to save the relationship would be for both to “rise up” and admit that no one’s right?

It fits perfectly in line with Lucas Jack’s “Paralyzed” off Sun City, another song which dared to pick apart a broken relationship knowing as he did that there might not be a way to put the shards of shattered glass back together. “What If” does this with a hook aimed more for mass consumption than deep-thoughts contemplation, but it is refreshing to hear such nuanced lyricism on such a dead-on-arrival format as pop top 40 radio. If Five For Fighting has a hit with this, there’s evermore potential for songs like Lucas Jack’s to push the boundary of pop introspection even further.

Take a chance for a minute and give this a listen. He’s thrown us a lifeline, but if we don’t take it …


3 thoughts on “John Ondrasik throws pop music a lifeline with stunning single “What If”

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