01 — Alive Way – “About You”

hearhearandnowWelcome to The “Hear! Hear!” and Now Podcast, a twice-weekly showcase for new music which will feature reviews of singles and albums from across the pop spectrum. Check back Tuesdays and Fridays at “Hear! Hear!” or subscribe to our podcast via Feedburner or iTunes (coming soon) In the future this podcast may expand to include commentary as well as site exclusives, including full-album listens. But I want to expand this in ways which will excite you as listeners and discoverers of new music. So feel free to email me at any time, if you have suggestions for improving the podcast or ideas regarding bands you feel should be showcased.

The first band profiled here is Alive Way, a Lithuanian rock band already having built a name for itself overseas, both while touring festivals there and while competing (twice) for the Eurovision prize. Their new EP Footprints in the Snow blends the traditional holiday album with their own take on pop rock, making these songs worthy of radio play regardless of the season. You can hear more from the band at http://www.aliveway.net.


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