04 – “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” Holiday Podcast

Consider this an early Christmas gift, if you will – ten songs which, combined, prove to be the true alternative to a boring repetitive day of holiday listening. I’ve kept my voice out of it this time, letting the songs speak for themselves. You can view a tracklisting below, along with the timed position of each particular track. Enjoy — and if it’s your cup of tea, go ahead: shoot your eye out. You’ll still be able to enjoy great music!

While the file size is large, the joy you’ll get from serenading your family with “Jingle Balls” at Christmas dinner will be well worth it — trust me!

– – – – –

0:00 — Ye Olde Royal Shithouse Players – “Jingle Balls”

0:52 — Matthew Ryan – “It’s Christmas Time”

4:32 — The Mants – “All I Want For Christmas (Are Some Human Teeth)”

7:26 — The Anti-Queens – “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”

9:23 — PremRock – “A Christmas Card From A Hooker In Prague”

12:14 — Murs – “Christmas Rules Everything Around Me”

15:42 — Lindby – “Jesu, Joy Of Synths”

17:41 — The Diabolical Machines – “Drinking Alone On Christmas”

21:46 — Sherry Ryan – “I’ll Come First This Christmas”

24:44 — The Walla Recovery – “Go Tell It On The Mountain”


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