AMERICAN APPROPRIATORS: “Best Day Of My Life” shamelessly duplicates Imagine Dragons’ hook and no one cares

For the last two months I’ve been having a sense of musical deja vu, from the moment I first heard American Authors’ “Best Day Of My Life” and started wondering how it is that the hook which the song is built upon sounds so much like Imagine Dragons.

Not in the sense that it’s “hey, here’s the new Imagine Dragons!” or something of that ilk, something the band could hang its hat on as a badge of “honor.”

No, I’m hearing almost carbon copy similarities between the hook of Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” and the breakthrough of American Authors. The former has been a hit since mid-2012 and has spawned more than 55 million YouTube views, while also becoming the most sampled track for movie soundtracks and Hulu Plus advertisements. The latter came out in October and hasn’t built up nearly the same level of ubiquity, though it also seems set to live on in advertisements for years to come thanks to spots for Lowes and Hyundai.



“It’s Time” was produced by Alex da Kid and Brandon Darner, while I cannot find definitive production information for “Best Day Of My Life” for comparison. So I cannot be certain that this was a situation similar to when Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson were provided the same beat with minor edits by Ryan Tedder. Still,when so many specious arguments are made regarding potential plagiarism (“One Direction” sampling the opener to “Baba O’Riley” anyone?) it’s disheartening that two songs so similar can be released within the space of eighteen months and no one seems to be pointing out just how derivative this track by American Authors truly is.

If it’s not an outright ripoff, it at the very least signifies the band can’t separate its influences from its own sound. And it doesn’t bode well for the state of radio in 2014 if we’re willing to play along.


15 thoughts on “AMERICAN APPROPRIATORS: “Best Day Of My Life” shamelessly duplicates Imagine Dragons’ hook and no one cares

  1. It’s a similar sound (on the banjo riff, I believe) but absolutely no part of it is plagiarized from ID’s song. They’re a folky-sounding band, as is Imagine Dragons. Same genre implies the same sound, but these have no similar melodies by any means.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have been having a mental breakdown every time “Best Day Of My Life” plays while my brain tries to fill in the lyrics to a song that I keep swearing that I know, yet is still slightly foreign. Your article came up when I finally tried searching it up and, as soon as I saw the title, my brain was relieved. Thanks again!

  3. Yo había escuchado la canción de American Autor en una publicidad de Canal Sony y le pregunte a mi hijo si sabia el nombre de quienes la interpretaban y me dijo que creía que eran los Imagine Dragons….la buscamos y cuando la encontramos pensamos lo mismo que usted!!!!. Es muy similar …

  4. I have to agree with this thought as well. I had the same feeling as Jacqui Winkler when I would hear “Best Day of My Life”, and I would try to put the lyrics of “It’s Time” into it’s place. What I hate the most about it is all of the publicity the band is getting for it, all the credit about the “catching intro hook that just drags listeners in” when it’s not even their original music. Imagine Dragons should be the band getting that glory, not these people who have definitely ripped it off.

    • I know right!!! American authors are stealing all of Imagine Dragons well-deserved and overdue attention, praise and credit!!!! Imagine Dragons should sue American Authors!!

  5. Let’s be honest here. Neither Imagine dragons or this other hack group are pushing any musical envelopes. Just adhere to the same formula that has been used for way too many years. People remain simple therefor music remains simple.. One of you guys said something about a banjo riff. They are barely playing the instrument. And as for being a folk band, if this is the new face of folk, leave me out of it. I get it, to be successful you have to sell records. It’s just a damn shame. The one’s pushing envelopes and experimenting with real music don’t even get a chance. Frank Zappa is rolling in his grave. Or maybe he would be way past caring anymore. I mean, why beat your head against a wall, right?


  6. You should also compare the lyrics of Imagine Dragons’ “Amsterdam” and American Authors’ “Luck”. It’s almost the same. No, actually it is. (The whole “I’m sorry, mother, [I know I] let you down / I’m sorry brother …” — Sad because I thought Luck was their best song…

    Also, American Authors’ new single ‘Go Big or Go Home’ is a copy of the hidden track called ‘Roots’ in Imagine Dragons’ first album.

    Give it a listen.

  7. I care that American Authors are copying Imagine Dragons!!!!! They are the b-tec version of Imagine Dragons-that’s what me and my friends call them. Imagine Dragons any day!!!! Why cant American Authors find their own sounds and style? Why copy Imagine Dragons? I know Imagine Dragons are amazing, but its not up to American Authors to copy them!!!! American Authors fans, you’re listening toi stuff that’s built on Smoke+ Mirrors, duplicates and stuff that ISNT ORIGINAL.

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