FOLLOW THE BLOOD: Australia’s Nine Sons of Dan bring the hooks on rocking new EP

Australia’s alt-rock outfit Nine Sons of Dan dropped their latest EP Follow The Blood a week ago, and the six tracks definitely bring the rock, in a vaguely late-90s way, like a mix of Jimmy Eat World’s frenetic pop vocals and the more rocking elements of All Time Low, Cartel and Anberlin. Speaking of the latter, the new EP was tracked in Australia but mixed in Nashville by J.R. McNeely, who has worked with Anberlin and Dead Letter Circus. “I wrote about where I was at that moment,” says singer Jay Bainbridge. “Sometimes I use dramas that have happened in my past as fuel for content, but this time I just wrote about what was happening around me and to me. I had a lot of frustrations and heartache in my personal life but at the same time felt a sense of strength of unity with the boys and our future as a band.”

Check out “Wreckingball” below, the final song on the new EP, which features their strongest hook once the song gets going after an unnecessarily long intro. “A stab in the dark hit its mark,” Bainbridge sings, echoing the stabs this emerging band continues to make as they fight for the mainstream attention they deserve. Expect to hear these guys much more in the coming years!



3 thoughts on “FOLLOW THE BLOOD: Australia’s Nine Sons of Dan bring the hooks on rocking new EP

  1. I do not think the intro was unnecessarily long, most large artists these days can have 2+ minute intro’s, the album is by far their best work and sets the stage for their upcoming tour…

    • The long intro (i.e. the baby music) at the beginning is a risk with a music video, considering the analytics from YouTube which suggest very few people watch for more than 40 seconds, even a video they clicked to. With the hook coming early on in the song itself, it seems risky to me not to get straight to the song.

  2. Definitely hear the Anberlin influence here, particularly in the production. Drums remind me a lot of “Never Take Friendship Personal”. Good energy in this track.

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