#009 – Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe)

Welcome to the “Hear! Hear!” and Now Podcast. Today’s episode features Brian Vander Ark, lead-singer and guitarist for the Verve Pipe.


If you’re a child of the 90s, you likely remember the Verve Pipe for their album Villians and its lead single, “The Freshmen.” After that, however, they faded into the background of alternative as radio indifference never facilitated a follow-up single. It has been thirteen years since they last recorded a full-on rock album — the band dabbled through the last decade in albums for children, while lead-singer Brian Vander Ark released a series of solo records. But they’re back in the spotlight this week with the pending release of Overboard, an album of solidly crafted pop-rock songs which proves much more experimental and daring in tone than anything you’ve likely heard from them before.


Vander Ark sat down to talk to “Hear! Hear!” about the new album, the dark twisty tone of its lead single, and — among other things — why lyrics wind up being the most important thing when crafting the perfect children’s song.

– – – – –

For more information on the Verve Pipe’s upcoming album Overboard, check them out on Facebook or pre-order the album at Amazon!

Check back on Friday for our next installment of the “Hear! Hear!” and Now Podcast.


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